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(Brent Council) On the waste front, 2011/12 was a year of fundamental change. The drive to remodel our services and to achieve savings has been relentless.


Keeping streets clean is no longer straightforward. Implementing and sustaining a radically new waste collection system has not been straightforward.


Admittedly, some areas have adapted better than others. Nevertheless, the overall effect is clear.


·         The total waste treatment cost for 2011/12 was £6.8million against a budget of £7.5m. The cleansing reductions have provided a further £2m annual saving.


We have seen a step change in recycling performance.  The green box (April/Sep) v blue bin (Oct/March) comparison, i.e. (old system v new) shows a 55% increase in recycling tonnage collected.


·         The same comparison (April/Sep v Oct/March) for all waste streams shows an 18% drop in landfilled waste, a 36% rise in dry recycling, an 18% decrease in organic waste (seasonal) and a 10% drop in total waste.


·         The full comparison with last year shows a 9% drop in landfilled waste, a 20% rise in recycling and a 3% drop in organic waste.


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